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The Secrets of Money Magic

To my knowledge these Secrets of Money Magic have never been published anywhere before. In fact, they have only been whispered about in secret meetings. You’ll smile confidently as a warm inner glow fills your body when you discover one secret after another.

“Even big-name celebrities — popular success promoters – haven’t a clue to some of the secrets you’ll have revealed to you.”
I guess I have to tell you right up-front, this course may not be for you. You see, personal power is like Fire – it’s a wonderful tool, but misused it can also burn you. That’s why so many folks have been asking me to release it again. If you think you can handle such an increase in personal power, then this is for you.


Body glo

Have you ever been told, “You look radiant?” It really felt good, didn’t it? But somehow you knew they weren’t referring to your figure or your makeup. Actually, you could have even received this compliment if you were a bit heavier than you’d like to be, and you’re still intending to make good on your promise to get to the gym.

Isn’t it true that whenever we’re paid a compliment like, “You look good,” “You’re in great shape,” or, “Something about you glows,” it encourages you to look even better, get into even better shape, or to figure out how to be even more radiant? Well, here’s the good news: there is a way to increase your body’s glow!

I want you to think of your body as containing millions of miniature lights, and your skin as a magnificent lampshade. To increase your radiance, it would make sense that you’d need to increase the voltage, wouldn’t it? Just consider how millions suffer with dry, scaly skin (despite the lotions they use), and brittle fingernails, lusterless hair, and dull, dry eyes. You’ll agree that there’s not much radiance or glow in that grim picture.

You see, your cells are intended to function as lights giving off bio-luminescence. Your light is your lifeforce being exhibited to those around you. Yes my friend, as scary as it sounds, if you don’t glow, your cells will rust or rot.


The Science of Luck Intensive

From humble beginnings to huge fortunes. Well, I guess you’ve heard a boatload of these stories. Sure, the very wealthy watched their thoughts, learned the skills of their business, read books, went to programs, attended workshops and did just about everything other motivated people do. So, why do some people hit the prosperity jackpot, while so many others come nowhere near their success?

“You Can Easily Learn How To Attract Luck Into Your Life and Learn The Missing Secret To Instant Manifestation.”
Here’s something, a secret if you’d like to call it that, it’s what the big winners in life rarely confess publicly – it’s this, they all believed they were lucky!

A few years back, I read a book about very wealthy people who made the Forbes 400 list. The book was titled, ”All the Money in the World”. When I read it I had one of those “Ah ha!” experiences. It was obvious, these people were well-connected. It was also obvious they worked very hard. And yes, they had a positive mental attitude, but that’s not giving you the total picture. Here’s the underlying secret again…



The Natural Cures Encyclopedia

The hour long Achieving Great Health show is hosted by author and nationally-syndicated radio celebrity, Bob McCauley. His guests have been among the most well-known authorities and experts on natural healing and health available today.

“I was obviously honored and humbled to appear on the show.”

But as Bob began to ask questions, an odd thing happened: My answers were often different, more in depth, and more engaging than those of any previous guest he’d interviewed. The possibilities of a youthful and greatly extended physical longevity captivated Mr. McCauley’s attention. In all his years, this frankly was new terrain for him.

That hour flew by like a missed New York City taxi. “Wait!” Bob cried, “You’ve got to tell me more!”

Before I knew it, I was his guest on the next twenty consecutive programs. All told, he was given “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about health but didn’t know who to ask”. This series heard on Achieving Great Health literally provided a one-on-one instructional feast.



The Science of Luck Intensive

We don’t often realize it, but our ability to paint pictures in our mind is like giving birth to a magical genie. At that time, I didn’t understand this either. So, probably just like you, I pictured my dream home. Oh, it sat there as pretty as a castle on a hill; just below was a beautiful lake, where I could dock my brand-new boat. I wanted a big fireplace where I could rest after a day on the water and a nice porch where I could sit in my rocking chair watching the sunset. Oh, another thing – I loved the smell of the new hardwood floors. Well, at least I could enjoy my castle in my mind.



The Magnetic Pill

The Magnetic Pill™, a rare and exclusive key ingredient, is recently responsible for hundreds of accounts of Rapid Nerve-Related Healing, Mental Enhancements, Heightening of Senses, and Much More.

 “The Magnetic Pill™,  is made with vegetable capsules, and contains no animal byproducts” It is produced in the united states in a licensed FDA-inspected quality manufacturer GMP (Pharmaceutical Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices).

Since Magneurol6-S was released a little over three years ago they have been researching, experimenting, and refining the formula. The new formula, The Magnetic Pill, has all the incredible benefits of the original, with some serious kicks.